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sights & sounds of chiang mai, thailand

Wesley and I are sitting in a little coffee shop right now back in my hometown of all places! I'm chomping on an acai bowl (thankyouJesus:)) and Wesley is sipping a coffee. Yum.

We have been back in the states for almost 2 weeks and it has been a sweet time! We are gearing up for Malaysia so soon, and we are so very excited. Before we head to a new country though, we wanted to share some more snapshots and a few more little thoughts from Thailand with you all!

We are excited to share the beauty and culture of each place that we travel to, but we also want to share, after having experienced just a little tiny bit of the country ourselves, ways that we can pray for each place and the people there.

We'll share a short prayer list, and then share snapshots from Thailand! We would love for each of you to take even just a moment as you read this blog to pause and pray over the Thai people and their country.

Prayer for Chiang Mai-

--The city and surrounding areas feel like one big religious melting pot--there are many religions present in the city. We noticed that that meant 2 main things: 1; many people are very open and receptive to the idea of "god" and "prayer" and such things like that. But because of that, 2; many people don't know what is Truth and may just take in whatever is around them.

-We want to pray that as the hearts and ears of the Thai people are open, praise God, that they would hear and see the Gospel and that they would choose to follow and trust!

-We also pray that the Truth of the Gospel would break through every uncertainty or confusion in the hearts and minds of the people of Chiang Mai, as everyday they are being presented with differing ideas and religions.

--Chiang Mai is a big hub and hosting spot of conferences for workers and different organizations all around South East Asia. Having gotten to experience the joy and power of one of those conferences, we want to pray for the Holy Spirit to pour Himself out on all those who come to gather in the city. We want to pray for all other brothers and sisters who will gather to be refreshed, encouraged, challenged, and refined during their time there, and that they would leave knowing God even more than when they came in.

Thank you for praying with us!

Now, time for some snapshots!

Lots of street explorations! We walked a handful of miles every day just wandering the streets of the city!

Venturing into random coffee shops was a welcome escape from the humidity that followed us around on our city explorations!

This was our favorite one we went to, called carrot. They served the yummiest carrot cake I have ever had. yum!

Everything grows SO well and is so lush in Thailand! I was surprised at how green everything was, even in the heart of a dense little city.

Mopeds everywhere!

Beautifully crafted things all over the city!

Out walking to dinner one night.

Exploring some of the many night markets of Chiang Mai!

Bright colors and amazing temples all over the city!

Thailand is beautiful and has amazing culture. Both my and Wesley's favorite part was just wandering the streets and seeing the sights as well as everyday life for those who call Chiang Mai home.

We hope you enjoyed seeing some snippets of what we got to experience while there!

So much love to all!

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Pam Cannon
Aug 15, 2023

Loved reading this and praying along with you!! So special!

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