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hey! it's been awhile...

Hi family and friends!! 

We love you all! It’s been a bit, but we’re back on the blog!!!! Whoooo! We hope you’re just as excited to follow along as we are to share with all of you. 

A whole lot has happened in our little fam from the time we wrote our last blog post. 6 months ago Wesley and I (and Mally in my belly hehe!) touched back down in the states after our months living all around SE Asia. We were overcome with gratitude, love, excitement, anticipation, stories, and big dreams. Those feelings have continued to live on and even grow in the past 6 months here in the states! Our sweet Malia Rae was born in early January and our hearts have been filled up and overflowing watching her grow and getting the honor of being her mom and dad! Our family has grown, our hearts have stretched, and our dreams have gotten even bigger! 

We wanted to let you know something so exciting that has been brewing and growing in the past 6 months—we’re going back to SE Asia! Yep! Back across the world our little Cannon Crew goes. In July; Wesley, myself, Mally girl, AND a small team of 4 others- Josh, John, Mau and Kimry- will be heading to Malaysia!

I want to briefly introduce the other team members so that you know them and can pray for them by name as well-

Josh, John, and Wesley made up the videography team from their first documentary, Dunamis, a few years ago, and we are so excited that that original filming team is getting back together again to shoot!

Josh is a talented videographer and creative. He is a humble, intentional, and passionate addition to the team. Fun fact: Wesley and Josh did the same Gap year program and met through that, but years before then, they competed in the same theatre/arts competitions without knowing each other! 

John is a very creative videographer and artist. He brings such fun, creativity, and professionalism to the crew. Fun fact; Johnny is an amazing musician and sang at our wedding!!! 

Mau and Kimry are our brother and sister-in-law and we are really excited they’re joining this journey as well.

Mau was a film major in college and is a skilled videographer as well. He brings big passion, new ideas, and a beautiful servant’s heart to this project. Fun fact; Mau is from Mexico and is an amazing cook!

And lastly, Kimry is very gifted in logistics and organizational skills, and her planning mind has already been such a blessing to the team and for the trip. She is thoughtful, organized, and willing. Fun fact; Kimry has trained a police horse who now works for the police force in another state! 

 There is an incredibly special story there in Asia that the Lord laid heavily on our hearts to tell, and we are so honored and humbled to, by God’s grace, be able to do that! We have been soooo excited to share this news and introduce our team to you all! 

We are so excited to keep you all updated and in the know of where we’re headed next, and excited about the little this team that the Lord has formed for this task! 

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement and support. We can’t wait to bring you along on this new journey! 


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Hi Moriah, I loved reading your blog and I'm excited about your upcoming trip! I look forward to receiving updates as your team travels to Malaysia. Sounds like a very special team and a unique and rewarding ministry. I'll be in prayer for all of you!

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